Tuesday, November 22, 2011

December 19th.....

We're back at the legendary San Francisco Punchline Monday, December 19th!

Q: Who's in the show????

A: KABIR "KABEEZY" "I ONLY WRITE IN CAPS" SINGH - he's the winner of two major bay area stand up competitions, named a "comic to watch" in numerous publications, and is a rising star in the Los Angeles comedy scene.

David Studebaker - he's the idiot in the diaper and creator of the Young Guns of Comedy tour.

Sam Davidoff - he's the co-producer of YG and according to some sources he is the long lost "good" twin of Mark Zuckerberg.

Host: Max Curry - he's a little young to be in the show, but we feel it's only right to give this Bay Area newcomer a shot to showcase his hosting skills in front of the Punchline Bookers.

Special Guest: Sammy Obeid - he's extremely funny. Almost too funny. Seriously, relax Obeid, you don't need to pump out a new hour of A+ material every week.

If that's not enough for you people, we'll ALSO have 3 of the hottest newcomers to the Bay Area comedy scene:

Lydia Popovich - She's hilarious AND Latina. #don'tfuckwithher

Imran-G - He's hilarious AND Muslim. #seriouslydon'tfuckwithhim

David Nguyen - He's hilarious AND Asian. #youcanprobablyfuckwithhim #racismiswrong

And while Monday may seem to the untrained eye to be a bad night to hit the city for a comedy show, the trained eye says "Monday has the most free parking available around the club, there's no traffic on your way out of SF, and the show ends by 9:45 so you can hit the oncoming work day or Occupy rally fresh and rested! And yes I am a talking eye."

Tickets are $15 online and at the door. You can avoid the online service charge by calling 415-397-7573 and reserving your tix through the PL.

Must be 18 or older to get in.

There's usually free street parking available around the club, so you can avoid those expensive garages.

Hope you're able to make it out!

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