Monday, July 25, 2011

Paul Rattay Photography

If you have the desire/need to be shot via the photographic arts, Paul Rattay (professional photographer and turtle enthusiast) is your man! Just imagine how much hotter these pictures would be if you were in them instead of me... Then imagine handing your headshot to that girl/guy at the coffee shop who you haven't had the guts to approach. He/she loves them, calls you and sets up a date. Fast forward a year, now you two are holding hands walking through a romantic district of Paris. You're both madly in love. Then, your lover finds out he/she just inherited 10 million dollars from a distant uncle who recently died of natural causes. You're now in love and soon to be incredibly wealthy because your lover just proposed. All this, because you hired Paul Rattay to take your picture...*

*Paul Rattay does not guarantee true love or immense wealth as a result of his services. He will however provide you with some amazing photos.

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